Vintage Swiss Postcards

GrŁezi mitenand !

Having spent many years in Switzerland, I really appreciate that country's beauty.   Somewhere along the line I started collecting vintage postcards (meaning early 1900's to about 1950) and I always find it interesting to pick up a postcard that is almost 100 years old and end up looking at a scene that I have actually been to myself!  In many cases, the view on the one-hundred year old cards is still the same today!

I have reviewed my collection of old Swiss postcard and I now have over 800 of them!  I have scanned them all (see the photo album to see a few representative cards).  Many of the cards are in full color and represent the printer's craft at that time!   The early 1900's to 1920's represented the "heyday" in postcard collecting (no television in those days - so many people got to see the world through picture postcards).

I have also created an electronic album on CD-ROM that will allow you to browse these cards at your leisure for a nominal price.   You also have access to the postcard picture files.

The postcard collection is now also available on DVD or Blu-Ray disks!  Why watch it on a small computer screen when you can view this great scenery on your TV!   These are a standard DVDs that will play on USA-based TV sets with either a standard DVD player or also in BluRay players.  Click here to order.

In the meantime, if you have a craving for looking at some other great old postcards, click on the "St. Vincent Postcards" link on the left!



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